SD Pharmaceuticals SPORT COLLAGEN, 526g



SD Pharmaceuticals Sport Collagen
Three sources of Collagen + BCAA’s
Improves Joint & Connective Tissue Health
Enhances Muscle Recovery & Growth
Heals the Gut & Improves Digestive Health
Boosts the Immune System
Improves Hair/Skin/Nail Health & Reduces Wrinkles
SD Pharmaceuticals SPORT COLLAGEN is a unique collagen-based supplement that’s been formulated specifically for athletes and active people.
1. SD Pharmaceuticals SPORT COLLAGEN delivers 3 sources (marine, bovine, chicken) and 3 types of collagen (I, II and III). Most products on the market only contain either marine or bovine collagen, which only deliver type I and III collagen. We provide chicken collagen as a source of type II collagen, which is the most important for supporting healthy joints.
2. SD Pharmaceuticals SPORT COLLAGEN delivers 2 grams of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) per serving. BCAAs are essential amino acids that work together with the amino acids found in collagen and significantly boost the beneficial effects of collagen when it comes to muscle tissue repair and growth.
3. SD Pharmaceuticals SPORT COLLAGEN delivers 3 key support ingredients, vitamin C, zinc and l-tryptophan, which work synergistically with collagen, resulting in greater overall benefits!
Collagen is one of the most important structural components of a healthy body. Types I and III collagen are most abundant in the body, and type II collagen is the main protein found in joints and connective tissue. Collagen plays a key role in the regeneration and health of the digestive tract, muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, skin, hair and nails. With the physical demands of intense exercise and with age, collagen levels can decline, and this results in reduced
muscle recovery, sore muscles and joints, skin wrinkles and thin hair. Supplementation with SD Pharmaceuticals SPORT COLLAGEN can correct these issues!
Hydrolyzed collagen has the greatest bioavailability (no matter what source it’s from). It has a much lower molecular weight than raw collagen or gelatin and is rapidly absorbed and available in the bloodstream for use by your body.

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