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SD Pharmaceuticals SYNEPHRINE 30

Stack with Caffeine for the same fat loss you obtained with Ephedrine!

The same company that brought you GERANIUM 20 the #1 selling Geranium supplement in Canada, now unleashes SYNEPHRINE 30. Each serving of SYNEPHRINE 30 is packed with 30 mg of pure, pharmaceutical-grade synephrine, which is the highest concentration legally allowed! Take SYNEPHRINE 30 on its own for rapid fat loss or stack it with your favourite fat burner to amplify the themogenic power! WHY THE NEED FOR SYNEPHRINE 30? Health Canada recently enforced a nationwide ban on the sale of supplements that contain both synephrine and caffeine. This enforcement forced many supplement manufacturers and distributors to yank many of their best-selling fat burners from the market because they all contained both synephrine and caffeine. What was once one of the most powerful fat-loss combinations since the ECA stack, synephrine and caffeine was now put by the wayside just like ephedrine and caffeine were just a few years ago! Fortunately, for athletes, bodybuilders and simply anyone who’s looking to shed fat, there’s a loophole in the Health Canada ban on Synephrine, and SD Pharmaceuticals has been able to take FULL advantage of this loophole with the release of SYNEPHRINE 30! ADDITIONAL BENEFFITS OF SYNEPHRINE 30

Stimulates the beta-3 receptors more than any other compound in the world and these receptors have the greatest impact on fat loss!
Great to stack with other fat burners (such as GERANIUM 20) to maximize fat loss.
Provides a mild boost in energy without increasing heart rate or blood pressure.
Science Behind SYNEPHRINE 30 How Synephrine Stimulates Fat Loss Synephrine works a little bit different compared to most other fat-burning agents. It primarily stimulates the beta-3 adrenergic receptors and has very little affect on the beta-1 and 2 receptors. This is why synephrine has the ability to stimulate fat loss without significantly increasing blood pressure and heart rate! The selected action of the beta-3 receptors is lipolysis (a.k.a., fat burning), whereas the selected action of the beta-1 and beta-2 receptors is primarily cardiac muscle contraction and smooth muscle relaxation, respectively. Since synephrine doesn’t over stimulate the heart, it makes for a great ingredient to stack with other fat burner supplements! The Need for Pure, Pharmaceutical-Grade Synephrine HCl Pure, synthetic, pharmaceutical-grade synephrine offers some major advantages over synephrine supplements derived from the plant Citrus aurantium. It’s very difficult to accurately standardize an herbal ingredient such as Citrus aurantium for a specific percentage of synephrine, and to do so consistently from batch to batch. That’s why pharmaceutical-quality synephrine is much more effective than its herbal counterpart. Chemical Structure and Adrenaline Release 1,3-Dimethylamylamine is similar in structure to ephedrine and other amphetamines, and just like those compounds it increases the release of epinephrine (a.k.a., adrenaline), which is the body’s most powerful mental stimulant and fat burning hormone. Maximum Synephrine Dosage With the release of SYNEPHRINE 30, the researchers at SD Pharmaceuticals take the guess work out of synephrine supplementation. In every capsule of SYNEPHRINE 30 you get a precise and maximum allowable 30 mg dose of PURE Synephrine hydrochloride! You need to use synthetic pharmaceutical-quality synephrine HCl if you want to truly maximize thermogenesis and fat loss! Research shows that 30 mg of Synephrine HCl is the ideal dose, and this is exactly what SYNEPHRINE 30 delivers!

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