Progressive PHYTOBERRY (60 day Supply), 900g + FREE Tim Horton’s Gift Card


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Progressive PhytoBerry + Free Tim Horton’s Gift Card
The Whole Body Antioxidant
Whole Body Antioxidant protection Helps to slow the aging process Supports liver function Strengthens immune function Boosts energy levels Supports cardiovascular health Stimulates and enhances brain function Promotes mental clarity Protects eye health Balances blood sugar Improves digestive function Helps alleviate allergiesPhytoBerry is a highly concentrated berry based whole food supplement that is loaded with natural antioxidants. Featuring over 40 high ORAC value fruit concentrates, phytonutrients, essential fatty acids and herbal extracts, PhytoBerry is specifically designed to offer whole body antioxidant® protection. A single serving has the equivalent nutrient content of 6 to 8 servings of fresh fruit. Highly concentrated whole food supplement Over 40 ORAC rich food concentrates, phytonutrients and essential fatty acids ORAC score of ~5000 units Nutrient equivalent of 6 – 8 servings of fresh fruit Outstanding source of botanical nutrients Professionally formulated and energetically balancedWhole Body Antioxidant ProtectionEach of your individual organs and internal body systems (digestive, circulatory, lymphatic, etc) has unique antioxidant requirements. PhytoBerry® is designed to offer whole body antioxidant protection by using a combination of nutrients that work together to target each organ and system, protecting you from head to toe, inside and out. What is ORAC?The latest scientific standard for measuring the antioxidant properties of food is in ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) units. ORAC measures the total antioxidant capacity of a food or nutrient and can help us to understand its antioxidant strength. For example, a serving of PhytoBerry has an approximate ORAC score of 5,000 units. While in general terms the higher the ORAC score the greater the protection, ORAC only tells part of the story.You also have to understand that our individual organs and internal systems have unique antioxidant requirements. Often times an organ is best protected by a botanical nutrient that may have a modest ORAC score. A higher ORAC nutrient that is less supportive of that organ may have a higher score but will not be able to offer the same level of protection. PhytoBerry does have an exceptional ORAC score, but its primary focus is to offer whole body antioxidant protection by using a harmonized and synergistic combination of nutrients that, in concert, target and protect each organ and key body system.Nutritional profile may vary with flavour.

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