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Progressive Perfect Probiotic 120 Billion
Perfect gut health with Progressive Perfect Probiotic
120 billion active cells – to help resolve acute intestinal concerns
19 probiotic strains – to support your entire digestive system
100% human – to better match your own gut flora
Perfect Prebiotic blend – to help feed and grow the good bacteria
Delivery System – non-enteric delayed vegetable capsules to ensure the healthy bacteria arrive alive in your intestinal tract
TRU-ID Certified – to guarantee the presence of every probiotic species
Helps support intestinal health
Promotes healthy digestion
Aids immune function
Perfect Probiotic 120 Billion is an ultra strength probiotic to help resolve acute intestinal concerns and restore balance after antibiotic use. It features 19 human strains and the Perfect Prebiotic blend to feed and support your entire digestive tract — in a delayed release vegetable capsule. Plus, it’s part of the world’s first TRU-ID Certified probiotic family; guaranteed to include every species on the label.

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