Progressive GRASS FED WHEY + COLLAGEN & MCT, 700g



Progressive Grass Fed Whey + Collagen & MCT
The Cleanest Protein PossibleBENEFITS & FEATURES
Progressive Grass Fed Whey + Collagen & MCT™ combines several trending, in-demand ingredients into one convenient scoop. This dynamic formula has been specially formulated to support an active body. Each serving provides a powerful nutritious combination of protein, collagen and MCT to fuel the body.
25g protein (16g from whey) per scoop
10g hydrolyzed collagen per scoop (yielding 9g protein)
3g C8Vantage™ MCT per scoop; C8 is the most desirable form of MCTs
Grass Fed Whey and hydrolyzed collagen are an ideal combination of protein that helps build strong muscles and repair body tissues
Gluten free
Keto friendly
0g sugar per scoop
Non-GMO with no gluten, antibiotics, or hormones
Naturally flavoured with no artificial sweeteners
MCT is a healthy fat source for energy

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