Progressive COMPLETE SLEEP, 30 Caplets


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Progressive Complete Sleep
Fall Asleep + Stay Asleep + Promote Relaxation
Blend of premium herbals + 5mg of melatonin
Helps restore healthy sleep patterns
Helps prevent and/or reduce the effects of jet lag
Everyone deserves quality sleep. Progressive Complete Sleep is an advanced bi-layer caplet that helps you fall sleep faster and stay asleep longer. It is non-habit-forming, all natural and highly effective. So just relax, feel the calm and let the zzz’s take over until morning.
Ingredient Glossary:
• Chamomile – traditionally used to help relieve restlessness
• Melatonin – helps to reset sleep cycle and increase sleep time and quality
• Rhodiola – used in herbal medicine as an adaptogen to help relieve
symptoms of stress
• Skullcap – traditionally used to help relieve restlessness and as a sleep aid
• L-Theanine – helps to temporarily promote relaxation


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