Pro Line AMMO (Pre-workout), 20 Servings


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Pro Line Advanced Nutrition Ammo Pre-Workout Shot
AMMO is the first pre-workout shot.
Concentrated Formula
Peak ATP 450mg
1.5g Agmatine Sulphate
AMMO is designed to improve all areas of physical performance by not only increasing strength and endurance, but by creating the perfect connection between the mind and the body instantly. Ammo is designed to be consumed as a shot to avoid the discomfort of being bloated during a workout, as well as providing better absorption. This ends with AMMO, no more dry scooping, coughing up power or suffering through trying to choke down your pre-workout. You maybe consuming litres of water between your pre-workout, your intra-workout and your post workout drink leaving you bloated, bogged down and in gastric distress, this hurts your performance and slows your recovery. All Pro Line products deliver full disclosure of all ingredients and clinically proven doses so you know exactly what you’re getting every time. Nutritional profile may vary with flavour

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