Prairie Naturals VITAMIN K2 MK7 100mcg, 60 vcaps



Prairie Naturals Vitamin K2 MK7, 100mcg
Build strong bones!
Made from Menaquinone 7 (MK-7)
Best absorbed & non-toxic form of supplemental Vitamin K
A factor in reducing risk of bone fractures
An important nutrient for heart & arteries
Supports immune health
A co-factor in optimal calcium absorption
Essential to adequate blood coagulation
Made from Menaquinone 7 (MK-7), this is the best-absorbed & non-toxic form of supplemental Vitamin K 2. Our bodies need vitamin K as a co-factor with calcium to build bone. Researchers found that people who have higher levels of vitamin K have greater bone density, while low levels of vitamin K have been found in those with osteoporosis. There is increasing evidence that vitamin K improves bone health and reduces risk of bone fractures, particularly in postmenopausal women who are at risk for osteoporosis. In addition, studies of male and female athletes have also found that vitamin K helps with bone health. Vitamin K2 is also an important nutrient for heart and arteries, supports immune health and is essential to adequate blood coagulation.
Prevent Drug-Induced Vitamin K 2 Deficiency
Medications that can lower Vitamin K2 levels in the body include*: Antibiotics (especially cephalosporins), anticonvulsants (such as phenytoin), Orlistat (Xenical, Alli) and Olestra (for weight loss), bile acid sequestrants (to lower cholesterol).

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