Nutridom L-THEANINE, 250mg x 60 Vcaps



Nutridom L-Theanine
Max Relax
Promotes relaxation without drowsiness.
Helps ease stress and everyday nervous tension.
L-Theanine derived from Green Tea Leaf.
L-Theanine from green tea leaves L-Theanine is derived from tea leaves. It was originally discovered as a major constituent of green tea in 1949. L-theanine contributes to tea’s impact on mood and relaxation. While younger tea leaves tend to be richer in caffeine level, older leaves tend to be richer in theanine level. In commercial production, theanine level can be increased during the withering of tea leaves.
L-Theanine promotes relaxation. Studies show that L-theanine may help relieve stress by inducing a relaxing effect without drowsiness.

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