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Nutridom Ginseng Plus Immunity Booster
Boost and modulate your immune systemNatural lemon flavourNo sugar addedLiquid format for better absorptionAlthough ginseng has no antibacterial or antiviral effects, it is beneficial to the body’s immune system by impacting our innate and adaptive immunity.The immune system consists of various types of cells that have their own specialized functions, and each immune cell can be influenced by ginseng.Several studies have suggested that consuming ginseng can decrease infectious diseases such as colds.It also helps the body to modulate its own immune system.More about innate immunity and adaptive immunityInnate immunity is the first barrier that shields against several infections, and it is essential for protecting us from various viruses, parasites, bacteria, and foreign particles by stopping their spread through our bodies; that is, it fights off pathogens before they cause any infection.Adaptive immunity protects the body when innate immunity fails. Through immunological memory it recognizes a past threat and will be activated by those remembered pathogens. This response is a lot slower than the innate immune response, but it will be activated when the innate immune response is insufficient to control an infection.

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