Get a Grip LIQUID CHALK, 100ml


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Get a Grip Liquid Chalk
The BEST chalk we’ve ever used!
Proudly produced in Canada using 100% Canadian ingredientsGreat for gyms that prohibit chalk useWorld’s first 100% hypoallergenic liquid chalkFirst liquid chalk with natural black pigmentDries fastLong lastingOnly a small required per applicationPleasant smellMinimal dust and transfer residueNon-stainingWashes off with regular soap and water
GET A GRIP is a revolutionary liquid grip enhancement that improves on every drawback that current liquid chalk products suffer from. Formulated from the ground up using only premium natural ingredients, GET A GRIP outlasts, and outperforms the competition. GET A GRIP dries faster, provides a tackier grip, sticks to the hands better, and resists sweat like no other product available today.
Apply powdered chalk and clap your hands; enjoy a snowstorm of chalk dust. Do the same with GET A GRIP and notice the absence of chalk dust! GREAT FOR GYMS THAT PROHIBIT CHALK USE!
Breathing Magnesium Carbonate isn’t great, so we reduced dust in our formula through a proprietary blend of binders which cling to the hand unlike any liquid chalk on the market.
GET A GRIP has a blend of natural ingredients that is uniquely scented with citrus and pigmented black that dries to white when ready, producing a pleasant smell with every application.
As an athlete, you need a strong, dry grip. We Agree! Now you have a product as strong as you are! We think it’s time you GET A GRIP!

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