Biobolics Nutrition RITE STEVIA TABLETS, 100 Tablets


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Biobolics Nutrition Rite Stevia Tablets
Calorie Free Sweetener!100 tabs in recyclable flip containerMade from raw form stevia powderTablets contain no maltodextrin, dextrose, sucralose or aspartame.Quick dissolving no clump formula – no clumping or powdery chalkiness.Carry dispenser in lunch bag, purse, briefcase, backpack or carry on.Manufactured in ISO 22000 certified facility, highest standard in food safety managementNo mess – cleaner & easier to use than powders, packets & liquidsSatisfying your sweet tooth without loading up on carbs or calories in now a possibility. Derived from a plant referred to as “sweet leaf” or “sugar leaf,” stevia is the leading 0 calorie sweetener for low carb dieters. Other 0 cal sweeteners & sugar alternatives simply don’t compare.100 Naturals Stevia Sweetener Tablets in Flip Dispenser: 1 x 80mg tab = 1 x tsp of cane sugarNATURALLY CALORIE FREE – CARB FREE – GLUTEN FREE – SUGAR FREE – 100% NON GMO – DIABETIC FRIENDLYRaw & pure, the stevia extract powder we use to make these sweetener tabs is as close to nature as it gets. Unlike artificial sweeteners, this stevia has shown to have no to minimal impact on blood pressure, heart rate or water retention. This means our stevia in the raw tablets are keto friendly & safe for diabetics. Wholesome & of the earth, Rite Stevia is the top choice all natural sweetener for keto diet & diabetic diet.100 PRE-MEASURED TABLETS: Rite Stevia Tabs are pre-measured for convenience. Each pellet tablet is the equivalent of 1 teaspoon of sugar. No measuring. No guessing. Pack tabs in your travel bag or lunchbox.TABS IN FLIP TOP CONTAINER: 100 stevia tablets in dispenser with flip cap for quick & easy dispensing. Sweeten to taste. Drop 1 or 2 quick dissolving tabs in a cup or glass of your favorite sugar free drinks.SWEETER THAN CANE SUGAR: You won’t believe it’s not real sugar! Proven to be 10-12X sweeter than white sugar, our 100% natural stevia delivers tasty sweetness without impacting glucose. No bitter aftertaste!SUGAR FREE & GLUTEN FREE: Sourced from leaf of non GMO stevia plant. Best quality stevia sugar free tablets for sweetening hot or cold beverages. Dissolve tabs in coffee, herbal tea, hot cocoa, cocktails, etc.ZERO CALORIES, ZERO CARBS: Stevia extract has no affect on glycemic index. The better choice artificial sweetener tablets, our stevia zero calorie sweetener tabs are recommended for diabetics & those on keto diet.

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