Beyond Yourself GrEAAns (Greens + EAAs), 30 Servings



Beyond Yourself GrEAAns
Superfood Organic Greens, Energizing EAAs
The ONLY Greens and EAA combination available
Aids with increased protein synthesis
Helps optimize pH levels and immune system
Hydrating mineral extracts from coconut water
Full transparent and disclosed labels
Can be used in the AM or Pre-workout
Free from banned substances
Vegan sourced and Gluten-Free
The new GrEAAns from Beyond Yourself is the only superfood greens + EAA formula on the market! Every ingredient is specifically chosen to help support optimal health and performance!
Increases energy, recovery and overall health
Detoxifies your body, balances pH and strengthens immune systems.
4000mg Greens blend
2625mg Vegan EAAs
Super green foods, plant oils, phytonutrients, herbs, extracts and botanicals
Nutrient equivalent of 8+ servings of fresh vegetables
Specifically formulated for performance
Nutritional profile may vary with flavour.

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