Allmax R-ALA, (Alpha Lipoic Acid), 60 Caps



Allmax R-ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid)

Significantly More Effective Antioxidant Delivery For Maximum Effects!

Glucose disposal agentPerfect for carb loadingEnsure a more even insulin response to carbohydrates
R-ALA Complex is a scientifically proven nutrient delivery and antioxidant complex. Unlike competitive ALA, this complex supplies 125mg of the active R(+) isomer, the pure mitochondrial form of ALA Naturally found in the human body. This specific isomer is the extract fort linked to the beneficial properties of alpha lipoic acid. Commercially available ALA products on the market today consist almost entirely of the S(-) isomer of alpha lipoic acid. These inferior products have significantly weaker nutrient delivery and antioxidant properties. If your ALA product does not include the R(+) isomer of ALA, make the switch to R-ALA complex today.

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