Allmax CVOL, 30 Servings


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Allmax CVol
BUILD YOUR GAINS FASTER THAN YOU EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLECVOL is a sugar-free post-workout recovery drink designed to deliver increases in muscle strength & volume. CVOL has been formulated with 5 g of a Creatine Chelate Complex including Creatine Magnesium Chelate. CVOL also contains 2.5 g Taurine, 1 g L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, 1 g Betaine and 800 mg Beta-Alanine; a rock-star list of the “go-to” ingredients, dosed at effective levels for rapid recovery from intense training.
Get Stronger Every Time you Train
Complete Muscle Growth Formula
Delicious, Refreshing and Sugar-Free
CVOL fits your workout. It’s absolutely delicious, and 100% sugar-free. Creatine increases muscular explosiveness, Beta-Alanine improves stamina, Carnitine shields muscles from post-workout trauma and Taurine improves lean body mass, boosts energy levels and increases muscle volume.


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