Advanced Genetics GP3 EVO POWDER, 50 Servings



GP3 EVO Powder
Experience the Synergy of Three!Increase Muscle GrowthBoost Muscular StrengthPromote Skin-bursting PumpsSpeed Recovery TimesPromote Cell VolumizationStimulate Anabolic HormonesPrevent FatigueImprove Anaerobic And Aerobic EnduranceCountless scientific studies show they work: creatine and beta-alanine. More importantly, they’ve been field tested. Taken separately they are effective, but when taken together they work exponentially to build slabs of rock-hard muscle, increase strength in record time! ONLY GP3 EVO delivers creatine HCL and beta-alanine in a full dose mega-stack with a unique, advanced delivery system – the GP3 EVO Synergy System.On Training Days:GP3 EVO is taken 30 minutes pre-workout (1 scoop for maximum results) and immediately after training (1 scoop for maximum results).On Non-Training Days:GP3 EVO is taken upon waking (.5 – 1 scoop) and again mid-afternoon (.5 – 1 scoop).Nutritional profile may vary with flavour.


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